Open An Account

Home Ownership Account

It is a savings account designed for people who want to build, buy or renovate houses and also to meet specific demands.

Regular Savings Account

This account is designed for everyone in order to cultivate their savings culture against emergency future occurrence.

Ease Save Account

This is a savings account for individuals in the under-banked segment with no primary means of identification.

Star Kiddies Account

Invest in your kids. A great way to accumulate savings for their future because as your children grow older, so do your responsibilities.

Gold Account(Personal)

Designed for the high income earners who want have access to bank facility to augment working capital at future occurrence.

Gold Account (Corporate)

Provides an affordable and convenient means for the smooth running of organizations with many options for various financial requests.

Karakata Access Account

This product is designed to encourage savings for customers and provide assistance for the purpose of business expansion.

Term Deposit/Fixed Deposit

Cash deposited can be fixed for a period of 30 to 180 days if there is no contrary instruction to defreeze the investment booked.

Call Deposit

Here, funds can be requested on demand. The rates are lower, although interest earned by the customer can be high because of the amount and length.


Key Account Features

Debit Card

With OMBPlc Verve card you can do withdraw cash on our ATMs and other banks’ ATMs, Pay for goods and services in on ATMs as well as POS.

Interbank Transfers

This is an instant platform that allows funds to be transferred from any customer’s account in the bank to other accounts in other banks in Nigeria.


This is an outward instant payment where transaction is done on customer registered phone number

ADD (Automated Direct Debit)

This is regular payment that you can set up to pay other people, organisations or transfer to your other bank accounts.


The General Public should please note that the bank will never request for account details, BVN, pin, etcetera via email or text message.

Please refrain from giving out such details to anyone. If you are unsure of a request, please send a mail to and we will be happy to assist you.